I’m Alejandra Bonilla Restrepo, visual artist and graphic designer from Bogota. In this page you’ll find samples of my work in the cultural sphere; I have collaborated as a graphic designer in web, editorial, museographic, typographic and research projects with different clients and colleagues such as the Equipo TRansHistor(ia), La Cinemateca de Bogotá, José Luis Falconi, La Silueta, Piedra Tijera Papel and the design office Bastarda Type.

I also work as a graphic recorder with Tropinkal, you can see more of our portfolio here.

Here you’ll also find some personal projects in which I explore the relations between culture and the development of humanity; specially our relation with images, mainly throughout the history of graphics and the moving image.

I’m also the director of Fortuna, a design store for everyday objects.

If you are interested in collaborating, chatting or having a coffee, write me!

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